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Why travel to Iran?

To Tour or No to Tour?

Independent Travel

Traveling independently in Iran has more ups than downs. It’s easier as a man or part of a couple than as a woman, but is eminently doable regardless of your sex. Air, Rail, and bus transport is efficient and safe, sights are cheap and enough people speak English, or are willing to help that it’s hard to get into too much trouble. To top it all, as a visitor most Iranian consider you; a gift from God; and you will be bowled over by the kindness of strangers.


Most organized tours start and finish in Tehran, with a quick look around the capital before concentrating on the must-sees: Shiraz and Persepolis, Esfahan and Yazd with a couple of the short diversions thrown in. there are plenty of other itineraries, and agencies like Qashqaei travel & tour agency are happily build a trip to suit your interest. Cost depend on length, mode of transport, type of accommodation and the exchange rate.

Iranian tour guides are generally very good so you can expect comprehensive explanations of sights and cultural happening and answering to all your questions.

Travelling in Iran

Questions & Misconceptions

Perceptions of Iran as a land of religious extremists and down trodden women mean that when you tell people in your home country you are planning to go, you’ll probably face a volley of concerns, so let’s dispel few misconceptions.

Is it safe?

The most commonly asked question about travel to Iran is the easiest to answer; YES.

Assuming that you avoid protests and don’t go snooping around Nuclear facilities, Iran is very safe, because Iranian are so keen that nothing untoward happens to you. For women travelers, like anywhere it pays to be continuous and avoid situations where you are alone

Aren’t they all extremists?

The idea that Iranian are flag-burning religious extremists is the greatest of all the misconceptions. In reality, your counters with Iranian will probably redefine your understanding of hospitality. Particularly if you are travelling independent of a group, you will likely be invited into Iranian homes and if you say “Yes”, you’ll find the vast majority of Iranian are motivated by the same things as people everywhere- security, employment, adequate health and education for their families.

Will you have to wear a sheet?

You mean a “Chador”? No

A lot of Iranian women do wear the “chador” (which means tent in Farsi) but it’s not mandatory. Like all female ages nine and older, women traveler will need to wear hijab while in Iran. That means covering hair, arms, and legs and wearing clothes that disguise your body shape when in public.

This may be uncomfortable, especially during warmer months. Bring something long and loose from home and if you want to look less like a tourist, shop for a “manteaux” (an overcoat that covers your bottom, at least) once you arrive. Ditto for scarves, which will require constant attention lest you expose too much hair. Fortunately, while hejab will certainly keep you occupied most Iranian couldn’t care less if you have a bit of neck or hair showing, and as a foreigner you will be allowed more license than a local.

As for men, the main dress restrictions are that you shouldn’t wear shorts or singlets showing your shoulders.

What about the Sanctions?

Sanctions on Iran over its Nuclear program have had a real impact on the economy. For travelers, the most noticeable effect will be in constantly rising local currency prices, volatile exchange rates and the challenge of the getting the best exchange rate.

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